silk and hair

Hey guys, 

🌻 Lets talk about silk pillowcases and how good it is for your hair. 🌻

Silk’s smooth texture is helpful in more ways than one – it’s not just good for your skin, it’s soft on your hair as well. Instead of rubbing on coarse fabric at night, your hair is spared from too much friction when you move around in your sleep, preventing split ends, tangles, and the morning bed head.

  • Naturally hypoallergenic (Will not cause allergic reactions!)
  • Reduces bed hair and split ends (Allows you to wake up looking refreshed and not a mess)
  • Retains moisture ( Helps retain moisture in your hair which means less frizz!)
  • Anti-aging ( Silk doesn't pull and drag on your skin)
  • Reduces Acne ( The natural fibres do not clog pores!)
  • Regulates your temperature  ( Great for summer time on hot nights to keep a cool head on you)

Here at Charli & Mane we are passionate about hair health and will only bring the best products that are tested by us before we release them out to you. Because if we don't believe in the products we sell than why should you. 

Take a look at our Tame your mane silk pillow cases we really love them and you will to.

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